Corrections Policy

At Factly, we put all efforts to provide you with accurate data/information. However, if you find a discrepancy in data/information or wish to suggest corrections to any Fact-Check, please write to us at [email protected] with the article title in the subject line and the details of the proposed correction. We assure you that we will look into the same & update with a correction wherever necessary within 48 hours of the receipt of a correction email.

What is covered in this policy?
The following are covered in the policy and will be addressed within the given timelines. Factual Errors: Any factual error in data, claim, source or any other content in the story can be reported. Broken Links: Any broken link to a claim, source or any other broken hyperlink can be reported. Conclusion: If you believe that the rating used in the fact-check is not supported by the evidence presented in the story.

What is not covered in this policy?
Opinions or any other issues not listed above are not covered in this policy and hence we are not obliged to respond in such cases.

How is a correction made?
A correction is made prominently with an editor’s note along with regrets for getting it wrong. In other cases where an update is made based on additional information, an update along with the date is included in the story.

Still have complaints with us?
If you are still not satisfied with our response, you can write to Nagar Sahyadri since we are a verified signatory of the Nagar Sahyadri Code of Principles.

Examples of Fact-Checks with Updates
We were not suggested any corrections to our stories so far. However, the following are a few fact-checks where we have included updates. Updates are made when additional information is available.